Assistant Theatre Manager The Lost Colony

WHO: The Lost Colony

SEEKING: Assistant Theatre Manager

• Assisting with all box office operations
• Assists in training box office employees in all aspects of ticket selling, including web sales, phone sales and walk up sales
• Prepares all box office reports for management and accounting
• Leads the group sales efforts of the organization during the season
• Analyzes sales data and customer input and communicates important issues or opportunities to other senior staff

Front of House:
• Is in charge of the theatre’s entire operation from the front edge of the stage to the parking lots. Assists the Theatre Manager in coordination with the Stage Manager who is in charge of the theatre operation onstage and backstage.
• Manages all front of house personnel including house managers, ushers and volunteers.
• With the Stage Manager, coordinates the timing for the start of the show and intermission(s) and the activities of front of house with the playing of the show.
• Assists in solving seating issues
• Prepares and supervises the implementation of audience safety programs and conducts emergency preparedness training and drills for all front of house personnel
• In the absence of the Theatre Manager is responsible for deciding whether to pause or cancel the progress of the production due to rain or any emergency which would jeopardize the safety of the audience or the theatre company. Has the authority to order the theatre to be evacuated for safety concerns.
• Deals with customer problems with the goal of seeking their resolution, while holding the authority to eject customers whose behavior is interfering with the show or jeopardizing others in the audience or on the stage.

Concessions and Merchandise:
• Supervises all theatre vendors, concessionaires and staff and coordinates their activities with the playing of the show
• Checks all financial reports provided by these parties and conducts periodic spot checks and inventory checks to insure fair and reputable dealing
• Observes customer service provided in these areas and ensures that it is being provided at a high level.

• The Assistant Theatre Manager is a proactive member of the management team at RIHA and routinely meets with the CEO, Marketing Director, Accountant and other members of the staff to develop plans for improving the business and service of the organization and to address problems in the operation
• Advises the Theatre Manager and Marketing Department on sales trends and a variety of sales issues including pricing, scheduling, house sales, non ticket sales and personnel issues.
• Advises the Theatre Manager of any concerns or opportunities throughout the operation including, but not limited to, those areas of the Theatre Manager’s direct responsibility.
• Organizes and supervisors volunteer services provided to the area under the Theatre Manager’s jurisdiction.

WHEN: Summer Season

PAY: 300/wk + housing

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