Not many people will read this blog.

You’re one of the few people who will read this blog today.

Don’t fret, it’s not because Broadway isn’t cool anymore, or because people are mad at me, it’s simply because it’s the start of the first long weekend of the summer and people are thinking BBQs, summer movies and mojitos.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everybody!   (Chirp, chirp.)

Yep, when I check my web stats at the end of the month like I always do (you check yours too, right?  Can’t get more of something until you see how much you’re getting in the first place), I’ll see less traffic today than other Fridays.  That’s because most folks in the country have already left for the weekend, if not literally, then in their minds for sure.

Hey – even workaholic me is sneaking out to play golf later this afternoon (ok, ok, it’s with a group of potential investors, so I guess it still counts).

As a producer, it’s important for you to understand the mindset of your consumer so you know when to increase the volume of your message, and also when to know you can’t compete.  If you had something important to say today, an opening, a closing, a big ad, etc., I wouldn’t say it.  Because people are not going to pay attention to it.  Sure, you may think it’s the biggest news on the planet, but remember, consumers are selfish by nature.  And today’s not a day when you’re going to get their heads to turn away from the traffic they’re gonna be stuck in.

Some people might say that when people aren’t listening, that’s when you gotta yell louder, and increase your spend, or double down on your message.  Not me.  When people aren’t listening due to some major event that affects a whole bunch of them, there’s not much you can actually do to change their focus, so why try?  Save your resources until they come back around.  Because the irony is, after a moment like this weekend, they are usually listening more intently.

So because not many people are going to look at this blog today, I’m not going to write one.

Oh wait.  Dang it!

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy summer.


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