Podcast Episode 38 – Duncan Sheik


Last week, you heard all about where the words of Sprinsprung from in my chat with book writer, lyricist and all-around poet, Steven Sater.  This week, we hear where all the notes came from in my thirty minutes with the other half of that collaboration . . . the maestro himself, composer Duncan Sheik.

Apart from having one of the coolest names around, Duncan is one of the very few artists from the pop music world that has transitioned from there to here with similar success.  It ain’t easy, and this chat was a great chance for me to learn just how he did it . . . and what makes him different from all those others.

So tune in and listen to Duncan talk about all things related to his pre-Broadway and Broadway career, including:

  • How four guys in a van made him second guess the pop music world.
  • Why his dislike for musicals made him want to write one.
  • What he’d say to other popular artists who want to write for musical theater.
  • What a Broadway musical should sound like.
  • What to do when you hate your own show.

Duncan ushered in a new era of music for Broadway with his score for Spring Awakening.  And in this podcast, you’ll hear just how he did it.

Enjoy it!  And next week, prepare to be schooled by Spring‘s choreographer, Spencer Liff!

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