Podcast Episode 64 – Robyn Goodman


I was an only child.  I got used to doing a lot of things by myself.

So partnering with someone, personally or on a project, can be a little daunting for someone like me.

Thank goodness my first partner was this week’s guest, the Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer of Avenue Q, Cinderella, In the Heights and so many more.

Robyn was the perfect partner, joining me on Altar Boyz “just when I needed her most” (as the song goes), and helped me guide it to Off-Broadway and its five year run.

In this week’s podcast, Robyn talks about producing partnerships (including her very successful ones with Co-Producers Kevin McCollum and Jeffrey Seller) and a bunch more including:

  • How she (literally) survived her first producing project.  (Wait until you hear what the Playwright wanted to do to her.)
  • How she convinced the Writers of Avenue Q to skip the screen and take the show to the stage . . . and to let her be the one to help.
  • The delicate art of giving notes to Authors (and let me tell you – Robyn is a master of this!).
  • What she does when a show doesn’t work.
  • What it’s like being a powerful female Producer in the “old boys’ club” of Broadway.

If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to work with Robyn, I highly recommend it.  If not, get the next best thing by listening to her advice here.

(And next week, as I announce at the end of this week’s podcast, hear from one of the super famous Writers that Robyn helped discover . . . listen now to find out who!)

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