Podcast Episode 67 – Bruce Lazarus


Bruce Lazarus has one of the oldest professions in our profession.

Samuel French was founded over 150 (!) years ago, and has been licensing plays and musicals to regional theaters, community theaters and high school drama clubs all over creation ever since.  If you’ve ever been in a show . . . ever . . . there’s at least a 50/50 chance it was licensed through Mr. French.

And now, it’s Mr. Bruce Lazarus who sits in the big chair of this monster licensing company . . . and luckily for us, he also sat in a chair in my office for my podcast!

We discussed licensing (a very important factor for Broadway Producers and for those investing in Broadway shows to consider before signing up for a show) and a whole lot more including:

  • How his career as a Producer, a Lawyer for Disney, an Artist’s Agent and more prepared him for his job at Samuel French.
  • Which market (regional, community, etc.) he would work with if he had to pick just one.
  • How licensing theater is like playing video games.
  • Is the success of Broadway trickling down to the stock and amateur market?
  • How Samuel French is fighting online piracy.

If you’re lucky, a show of yours may run a year or two on Broadway . . . and then, if you’re really lucky, it’ll run another twenty in the hinterlands, thanks to companies like Samuel French.

Hear how you can make that happen.

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