Podcast Episode 73 – Ben Stanton


And of course, when I saw his work on Spring (his current nomination), well, I understood why he was on everyone’s short list.  And now he’s on mine too.

Ben took time out from his crazy schedule of lighting like 147 shows and being a new Dad to help me understand how lighting affects a show and . . .

  • How being trained as a drummer makes him a better lighting designer.
  • How guessing is involved in lighting design.
  • Does he like how shows are incorporating more and more projections?  (An interesting perspective considering his wife is the super talented projection designer Lucy Mackinnon, who also was on Spring.)
  • What LEDs are doing to Broadway and is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  • What he wants all Broadway producers to know about lighting design.

I’m a huge believer that to produce theater or to write for the theater or to direct for the theater . . . to do anything that has to look at the whole picture . . . you need to understand the elements. And Ben does a great job in this podcast of, well, showing us the light.

Enjoy the podcast!

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