Searching for a CFO aka Cool Financial Operative

After 12 years, the guy in charge of the spreadsheets and projections and all the #s at Davenport Theatrical has left us for greener pastures . . . literally. He moved to Portland.

So I’m looking for a new finance and numbers guru who wants to join a company whose motto is “we do @#$% other people don’t.”

We don’t produce shows for the $, but we know that we need $ to produce shows. That’s where you come in.

You’re an ideal candidate for this position if you can teach me a thing or two about Excel (and I know a lot), are a QuickBooks aficionado, understand accounting (and can do some), can create projections, forecasts, and get excited when you do.

But beyond all the #s stuff, you gotta love hacking corporate health insurance so we can get the best rates and deals for our employees, figuring out the best credit cards to have so we can go to Hawaii on our company retreat next year, negotiating the @#$% out of copier deals, and so on and so forth.

You also have to be someone who says, “Let’s go for it,” with a smile when I have one of my crazy ideas, like making a board game or starting an app. You also have to tell me why I shouldn’t go for it because it doesn’t make sense and takes too much time.

You gotta work hard and long, but we promise fun in the process. After all, we’re in the entertainment business . . . and if we can’t have fun making it, how do we expect an audience to have fun consuming it.

What else . . . let’s see . . .

An MBA would be great, but not required . . . you just have to have enough skills to teach us all a thing or two about business.

You don’t have to love theater, or even come from this world (I like folks who bring outside experience to our niche industry), but it might help if you’re a Broadway FanBoy or Girl because we’re never going to pay you what working for a widget company would pay. But we’ll make up for it in helping to make great shows and a lot of audience members happy.

The truth is . . .  you can decide your own salary . . . based on what you can help us save and/or make. So that’s really in your hands.

You also don’t have to be local, although it’d be preferred. But applications accepted from all over.

If you think you have the knowledge, experience, business acumen, hustle and hunger to help us achieve the heights that we want to achieve (and those are high), send an email to



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