The difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway: An analogy.

A reader recently asked me the simple but not so simple question about the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway shows

I started to compose a textbook-like response about how Broadway shows were in theaters that have more than 499 seats, yadda yadda yadda…

Then I deleted it and decided to come up with some modern comparison . . . and here’s what I’ve got:

Broadway shows are like the major networks:  NBC, ABC, and yep, even funky Fox.  Mainstream, easy to find, commercially minded.

Off-Broadway shows are like the cable channels.  They are further up the dial, a little off the beaten path, more nichey, some more artsy, some more raunchy, and definitely not as viewed.

Cable has flourished over the past several years, as they’ve crushed their major league competition in developing new content (Mad Men, etc.).

Could Off-Broadway’s day be coming?

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