The Nominees for the 2014-2015 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

And you thought Award Season was over.


It’s that time, people and publicists.  Time for the 2014-2015 Broadway Marketing Awards.

Advertisers & Marketers are some of the hardest working guys and dolls in our industry.  They don’t get any of the credit when shows sell and they get all of the fault when shows fail.  That’s why three years ago I started the one and only Broadway Marketing Awards, and we’ve revived ’em once again.

But these awards aren’t voted on by an exclusive group of industry professionals.  Oh no.  Who better to judge marketing than the average audience member, whether they are in the industry or not?  In other words, you’re going to pick the winners!

Here’s how it works.

I’ve called some advertising and marketing experts to cull through all the print ads, TV commercials, websites, etc. from the 2014-15 season and put together a slate of nominees.  You’ll look at the slate.  You’ll vote for your faves.  And boom.  Winners announced in two weeks.

Speaking of those experts, here they are:

Robert Diamond, Editor in Chief and Founder of  Admit it.  You read the message boards.  I know you do.  I’ve seen you there.

Frank DiLella, Theater Reporter and Producer at NY1, reporting for the theater program ON STAGE, and the friendliest reporter on the beat.  He’s also tall.

Blake Ross, the Editor in Chief of a tiny publication called . . .  Playbill.  It’s just not Broadway unless someone hands you a Playbill when you sit in your uncomfortable seat.

Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Broadway Historian, Director of Programming at 54 Below and Author of the Untold Stories of Broadway series.  She used to work for me, but she’s too fancy now.

Paul Wontorek, Editor in Chief of, which sells more theater tickets than you can imagine thanks to the great content Paul oversees.

This year’s Marketing Award categories are . . .

Best Logo

Best Tagline

Best Website

Best Twitter/Facebook

Best TV Commercial

Best Promotional Item/Swag

Best All-Around Campaign

Best Long-Running Campaign

Fun, right?

And important.  Sure, no amount of great marketing can save a show that people 100% don’t want to see, and no amount of bad marketing can kill a great show that audiences are nuts for.  But those are the extremes.  Most shows are ‘tweeners, and great marketing can make all the difference to those.

Ok, so are you ready to see the nominees???

Click here to see ’em and cast your vote.

And vote quick, because we close the polls on Sunday, July 5th at midnight!  The winners will be announced on July 8th, right here on this blog!

Good luck everyone!!!

To see the nominees and to cast your vote click here.


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