10 Best Broadway Gifts for the Producer/Writer/Artist in your Life (or for you!) [UPDATED]

We’ve updated this blog with the best Broadway gifts on the market in 2018. Enjoy!

Theatre people are picky.

So gettin’ a gift for one ain’t the easiest thing to do, which is why I came up with this list to make your holiday shopping just a wee bit easier.

How did I come up with it?  Well, I pretty much made a list of things I’d like to get.  🙂

(This reminds me of a great motivational tool I use for myself and recommend to my consult clients that I’ll share with you now . . . do you have a goal?  A deadline?  Maybe it’s to finish a script, or to submit to 10 festivals?  Tell yourself you’ll get a gift when you do it.  Reward yourself.  I guarantee you’ll get it done.  I’ve got a book I’m working on, and when I finish it, I’m taking myself on a golf vacation like you wouldn’t believe.  Man, makes me want to work on it right now!)

But before that, here are ten great gifts for the theater person in your life . . . even if that person is yourself.

In no particular order, they are . . .

1.  Be A Broadway Star Board Game

I know, I know, shameless plug for my own game, but it is such a no-brainer gift for anyone who loves theater, it’d be a sin to not recommend it.  It’s unique, it’s fun, and it is Amazon.com’s #1 Broadway-themed holiday gift.  Get it today.

2.  A Playbill Binder!

Playbills are probably the one thing on the planet that is given away free, yet is priceless to a Broadway fan (especially a NEW Broadway fan). Protect them in this binder that includes free sheet protectors!

3. A Broadway Puzzle of your favorite Broadway Stars!

If you’re like me, then holiday times at the parents’ house includes puzzles. So forget about the ones with windmills and skylines, how about one featuring Broadway stars!

4. Broadway Nail Decals

Need a stocking stuffer or a Broadway Secret Santa gift? This is it because it’ll come in under ANY budget.

5.  Razzle Dazzle by Michael Riedel

Everyone’s favorite (ahem) Broadway gossip columnist (who did my podcast back when) just released his brand new Broadway history book, and it’s getting tons of kudos.  I saw one industry vet with a copy the other day and I said, “How is it?”  “Amazing,” they responded.  “Just don’t tell Michael I said that.”

6.  A ticket to TEDxBroadway

I co-founded this conference and gave the very first talk, and I couldn’t be more proud of what it’s become.  Giving someone a ticket to TEDx is giving them a glimpse into what the future of Broadway will be.  I’ve seen it.  And it’s good.

7.  Playbill PJs

I mean, the cutest.

8.   Final Draft

This one is for the writers out there, or for the person in your life who always says, “I’ve got this great idea for a script.”  Give them this and tell them to get cracking.  Final Draft is a great gift because it’s one many writers won’t get for themselves.  They think, “Oh, I don’t need scriptwriting software.  Microsoft Word is enough.”  Final Draft not only formats your scripts perfectly, but it literally gets you writing faster.  Much faster.  It’s what I use.  And most writers I know use.

8.  A Rockette

Ok, not literally a Rockette, but taking your loved one to see the Rockettes in the classic Christmas Spectacular makes for a lot of fun this time of year.  Sure, sure, you think it’s cheesy . . . but, um, the right kind of cheese can be very tasty.  Embrace it for what it is . . . a classic part of the NYC holiday scene and enjoy it.  It softens the hearts of the stingiest Scrooges.

9. The Broadway Coloring Book

Created by my own Director of Marketing, Monica Hammond (I have such a multi-talented staff), The Broadway Coloring Book is available as an instant download PDF for you to print, color and enjoy right away or gift to friends! This 10-page coloring book features hand-drawn scenes from some classic Broadway shows, including Mamma MiaChicagoCabaretGypsy and more! Color the costumes and sets of Broadway as many times as you like! Download your copy now!

10.  Tickets, tickets and more tickets

I know we don’t make it easy to get tickets as a gift, but it’s still worth getting a Telecharge gift card or a Ticketmaster gift certificate.  Everyone who is pursuing the theater as a career, or even as a hobby, should see more theater.  Giving tickets helps them, and it helps support our industry right where we need it the most.  Buying tickets keeps people employed.  Thanks in advance.  (Psssst . . . little known secret . . . often shows don’t turn off their discount codes and you can still great deals.)


  • Once On This Island Cast Album:  If you love Ahrens and Flaherty, if you love great musical theater period, you’ll love this Tony-award winning cast, and so will the theater lover in your life.

If you’ve got an idea for a great Broadway gift, put it in the comments below.

Oh, and when you get your gifts, you can wrap it up in this . . . Broadway wrapping paper!

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