17 Tips and Tricks for Managing “Creatives”.

It’s the battle of the business publications!

In this corner, we have the Harvard Business Review, who in April published “7 Rules for Managing Creative-But-Difficult People.”

And in the opposite corner, weighing in at “10 Tips,” we have Fast Company, who countered with their contrarian article, “10 Tips for Managing Creative People,” and called out Harvard for being . . . well . . . Harvardy.

So who will win this tip-off grudge match?


Because below you’ll find the links to both the HBR and the FC article . . . so you get the combo pack of 17 Tips and Tricks for helping to manage your artists/creatives or “theatricals,” as the old fancy hotels that deny them rooms used to say.

One of the primary responsibilities of a Broadway Producer or an Anywhere Producer is to make sure your artists are happy, have the tools they need, and are playing well with others.  As I sometimes like to say, a Producer’s job is to make sure there’s enough sand in an artists’ sandbox.  And that they’re not punching the other kids in the face while they “play.”

It could be one of a Producer’s most important jobs.  And it could be one of the most difficult.

Which is why Broadway folk need 17 tips instead of 7.

Click below to read each article.

The reigning champion:  Harvard’s 7 Tips

The challenger:  Fast Company’s 10 Tips


And then, comment below on which publication you think got it right, or give me one of your own.  I know you’ve got some.


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