5 more Takeaways from my latest Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar.

Four times a year, I get a group of super passionate peeps in a room, listen to what they are struggling with, and then I kickstart their shows.  It’s the first seminar I ever taught, and it’s by far my favorite.  I guess that’s because I like fireworks.

(I know, you’re wondering what the heck fireworks have to do with anything.)

As a kid, I loved lighting off fireworks.  My buddy Joey V. and I used to blow stuff up all the time.  There was something so exciting about lighting that fuse, watching it burn and then seeing what happened.

I love lighting fuses.

And that’s what we do at Get Your Show Off The Ground.

And this past Saturday we did it again.  As always, my capable associate, Kayla, takes notes, and we serve up five of the takeaways from the seminar for all of you.  So without further ado, here’s what got us talking at this week’s Get Your Show Off The Ground:

  •  Ideas are easy.  Executing them is not.  But that’s what separates the successful from the wish-they-were-successful.
  • Houdini was not the best magician of his time.  He was the best marketed magician of his time.  Don’t underestimate the power of your message.
  • Anyone who has given you money in the past is more likely to give to you again (this is a derivative of a tip I teach in Raise It!).
  • The bigger the boulder, the more people you need to help you push it up the hill, or the stronger those people need to be.  (The boulder = your show . . . the people = your creative team.)

And my new favorite . . .

  • Don’t get too many people involved with creating your show too early.  You’ve heard the expression, “Shows are like kids.”  Well imagine 10 people trying to “make” a kid.  It works best when it’s just two.  Or so I’ve heard.

Hehe.  That one made me laugh.  But then again, I always make myself laugh.  As my wife reminds me, I don’t always make other people laugh.  🙂

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Oh, and man, why didn’t I think of this before . . . why don’t I do a online version of this?  Ok, I gotta go figure out how to make that happen.  If you’re interested in an online version of the seminar, or even just auditing it, email me, and I”ll put you on the prelist.  We’ll figure it out.  It’ll be awesome.

Because I’ll be able to light more fuses all over the interwebs.


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