5 More Takeaways on Getting Your Show Off The Ground.

A spoof of a famous movie, a dance story-spectacular, a personal story of triumph over illness . . . these were just of a few of the concepts for some of the shows this week’s participants were looking to get off the ground.

We talked about . . .

  • How to get critics to your shows when they’ve sworn they won’t come.
  • How a playwright can make money from previously written works.
  • How to write a marketing blurb.

And, surprise, surprise . . .

  • How to raise money.

As is the custom here at The Producer’s Perspective, here are five takeaways that hopefully can help you get your show/project/dream a step closer to reality.

  1. A rule is a rule, until someone decides to break it.
  2. You will never find someone more passionate about your project than you are.
  3. A producer’s goal isn’t to make sure everyone gets along.  A producer’s goal is to make great theater.
  4. Finding members of your team (press agents, general managers etc.) is like finding a contractor to renovate the apartment.  Cheapest usually means . . . well . . . “cheapest.”  Is that what you want your apartment/show to look like?
  5. Have you ever seen a bad show on Broadway?  Yes?  Good.  Well that means your bad show can get to Broadway too.  (You kind of had to be there for that one – it was funny, I swear!  The translation is if bad shows can get to Broadway, any show can get there with enough of a push.   My advice, of course, is just to make yours good.)


If you want some of your own personal takeaways, register now for the next Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar, scheduled for March 23rd at 2 PM.  Click here to sign up!  Several slots are already spoken for and the last two seminars have sold out well in advance.  So register today!  (By the way – you don’t need to have an actual show to register – about 35% of participants come in with general questions about writing, producing, finding a project, etc.)

See you in March!


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