9 Ways a Theatre Degree Trumps a Business Degree.

Great blog title right?

Before you go patting me on the back, let me tell you that I didn’t write it.

It was written by a PR and Communications Pro in Washington who has “never taken a marketing class, or a journalism class, or a business class.”  What he does have, however, is a theatre degree.

His blog, which you can read here, should be on the required reading list for parents who are shaking in their shoes about their children getting a B.A. or God forbid, a B.F.A., in theatre.

And the blog also reminded me of two things:

  1. First, it reminded me of one of my own blogs, which tells a story that I love, love, love about a Dean’s orientation speech to an incoming class of Freshman theatre students and their parents.  You can read that one here.
  2. And second, it reminded me of . . . well, um . . . me.

See, I have a B.F.A. in Acting from the Tisch School of the Arts.  And I didn’t take marketing classes or business classes or even spreadsheet classes.  Now sure, I was born with some natural business instincts which I’ve been developing since I opened “Kenneth’s Kandy Shop” in my father’s cardiologist office (!) when I was five.  And sure, I’ve taken a bunch of marketing seminars and read a small library full of books on business and marketing strategy since.  But I didn’t have business classes as part of my curriculum while at NYU.

But there are 900 ways that my theatre degree prepared me not only for a career as a Broadway Producer . . . but also for a career as an . . . well, um . . . anything.

Rather than me go into those 900, let’s let Brian give you his 9.  Read it here.


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