A follow up about following up.

Continuing with Tuesday’s theme about knowing your audience and delivering relevant content . . .

I just received an email that began like this:

Thank you for coming out Monday night to see my play.

A nice follow up, right?  El-wrongo.

You’re saying to yourself, “But Ken, what’s wrong with this?  If I can’t write a short and sweet thank you note, what am I supposed to do, send a parade passing by to say thank you?”

There’s nothing wrong with a follow-up.  What was wrong with this one was . . . I never saw the show.


If you had a trash can attached to your hip all day long, you’d probably throw away a lot more crap, right? Well, that kind of convenience is on everyone’s computer.  The trash can is a mere click away, and when you deliver content that doesn’t make sense to the reader, ‘poof’, it disappears in the most biodegradable way possible.

Here’s an article about a follow-up method my shows have been using for years.

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