A market correction.

It happened.

An unexpected closing.  Our version of a market correction.

Ok, so most folks knew that Blonde’s roots were showing, but most were betting on it getting through to January, until the Jets and the Sharks rumbled their way into the Palace.

And I would argue that in another market, it would have.

Is this an omen? A harbinger of doom?  A sign of a market collapse?

Not likely.  In fact, this sort of correction eases some of the pressure on the other shows that are struggling right now.

Think about it.  Blonde has been grossing in the $400s lately.  If it goes away, that $400k per week doesn’t go away with it.  Over 50% of Broadway theatergoers are from out of town.  You think they all of a sudden just don’t want to go see a show?

Most of that money will still go in the market.  It will just be dispersed to other shows (which shows will benefit depends on the demo – I doubt you’ll see The Seagull get a bump).

In other words, same amount of food, one less kid to feed.

That’s a harsh analogy, but I picked it for a reason.  No one in this community likes to see a show close.  It’s a sad day.  Jobs are lost.  Investor money is lost.

So let’s just hope that this correction keeps another show from having to do the same.

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