A simple do-it-yourself tool for use at home (or anywhere) that all #TheaterMakers can use right now.

It’s weird.

We should be more excited today than any other day during this pandemic.

The vaccine was approved.  It’s more effective than anyone could have imagined.  And it’s being administered to people TODAY.  That’s right, every day we are one day closer to this effin’ thing being over.

But why is it . . . and maybe it’s just me . . . but why does it feel even harder now than it was a month ago?  Is it because of the explosion of cases?  The forecasts for January?  Or as one major Broadway player said to me the other day, “Sure there’s a light at the end of the tunnel . . . but it’s a longer tunnel than we thought it was going to be!”

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling sluggish right now, you’re not the only one.  And that feeling can be a virus of its own, with symptoms of inaction, over-Netflixing, and boxes of Oreos.

While look, I’m a big believer in giving yourself whatever (safe and legal) pleasure you need to get yourself through this period, I don’t want you eating Oreos until the curtains go back up.

One simple thing that helped me through my toughest times of my career and my life (and are helping me through these days as well) are affirmations.  Simple statements that remind your brain the positive journey you’re on and where you want to go.

Affirmations are their own types of vaccinations. And they are highly effective.  That’s why they are prescribed by every major thought leader on the subject of productivity in the world.

You can find them all over.  You can listen to them.  Say them out loud.  To yourself.  Whatever works.

But they WORK.

Here’s the thing, though . . . in all my searching for the perfect affirmations to keep myself going, I never found the perfect affirmations for TheaterMakers.  So we adapted some specifically for TheaterMakers!

Click here for Affirmations For Playwrights, Affirmations for Actors, Affirmations for Producers, Affirmations for Directors and Affirmations for anyone who makes theater.

Enjoy.  Use.

And then stand back and watch what happens.

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