A TheaterMaker To The Very Unfortunate and Very Early End.

A week ago I got an email from Michael Brennan.  He was asking me my opinion on a director for his show, Citizen Ruth.  It was a show that he had been working on for years, and he was doing what passionate TheaterMakers like himself do . . . keep going and going and going.

And then, two days ago, at the age of 47, Michael died.

Michael and I have known each other a long time.  From our touring days.

But we’d only recently reconnected through a friend and fellow TheaterMaker.  (Don’t theater people make the best connectors?)

In fact, in February of 2020 (!), we all met in Las Vegas to mastermind on how we could make stuff together.  And, we came this close to being in Saudi Arabia RIGHT NOW doing exactly that.  

I was planning on working with Michael many times in the future. 

And now he’s gone.  

To say it was a shock is an understatement.  He signed off his last email to me by saying, “See you soooooooooooooon!!!”  

And I was like, “Of course you will!”

Michael’s passion for making theater was evident in every email, every conversation, and every NOTE that he composed or arranged.  

What’s a tragedy, is that we will never have a chance to hear what he would have done.

Rest in peace, Michael.  

And I vow, as I know every TheaterMaker reading this vows, to keep going and going and going, just like you were.

I also know that if he were here right now, he’d say, “Ken!  Knock it off.  Stop writing this blog.  Get back to making theater.  That’s what’s going to make me happiest.  Go!”

So I will.  

Rest in peace, Michael Brennan.

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