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Richard M. Nixon – (60s) – The 37th President of the United States. At a low point in his life, Nixon agrees to these interviews (at a price) hoping to focus on his Presidential acheivements and to untarnish his legacy. No impersonations, please.

David Frost – (35 – 45) – The charming British talk show host who concieves and arranges these interviews hoping to acheive fame in the United States.

Jack Brennan – (35 – 45) – Nixon's post resignation chief of staff. Very loyal to his boss. Hopes these interviews will pave the road back to Washington. Also serves as narrator with the Nixon camp's perspective.

James Reston – (30 – 40) – Activist turned author/teacher who takes a break from his job and family to assist Frost's team with research. He wants to bring Nixon down and give him "the trial he never had." Serves as narrator with the Frost camp's perspective.

John Birt – (30 – 40) – Frost's friend and long time producer.

Bob Zelnick – (35 -45) – Well respected veteran Washington reporter on Frost's team.

Caroline Cushing – (25 – 35) – Frost's girlfriend. An amalgam of several women Frost was involved with during the period. Attractive, dark, European.

Manolo Sanchez – (25 – 40) – Nixon's butler.

Swifty Lazar – (70s) – Legendary Hollywood agent who represents Nixon during this period.

Mike Wallace – (60s) – Iconic television personality and journalist.

Evonne Goolagong – (20s) – Australian tennis player. One scene as a guest on Frost's talk show.

Ensemble – (age open) – 2 to 4 actors to fill in scenes as technicians, tv crew, party guests, etc. Minimal rehearsal time.

WHEN: 12/12/10-2/20/11




HOW TO APPLY: Please contact the director if you are interested in those positions at

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