An opening night card for everyone to read.


This article is my opening night card to my friend and client, Brian Belding, who is achieving a huge milestone tonight.  I hope you’ll allow me to take a break from facts and figures to say the following:

– – – – –

Dear Brian,

Congratulations!  Tonight you make your Off Broadway debut as a writer!  Can you believe it?

I can.

Because when we first met back in 2021 and you said, “I want to get this show on a stage . . . in New York . . . in front of people,” I could see in your eyes that you were going to do everything you needed to do to make that happen.

How long had you been working on it at that point?  20 years?   Or did you tell me it was even 30 years old at some point?  

And tonight, just a touch over two years later, your musical, White Rose, opens Off Broadway with a first class company of Broadway vets!  

Woohoo!  You did it.  You dug in deep, worked on your craft, listened, learned, networked, made plans, scrapped those plans, made other plans, and did what you needed to do to get here tonight.  

So this is a note to say congratulations. You did a thing that at one point you probably thought was impossible.  You did something that many people out there think is impossible.

But you proved . . . it is possible. 

Not easy.  Am I right?  Lol.

But possible.  

So enjoy tonight.  Celebrate.  And a reminder . . . in case you forget to do it later on, take out that bucket list, and cross off “Get my show produced in NY”.  🙂  Then, do me a favor: replace it with an even bigger goal . . . and let’s get after it. 

Your friend,


– – – – 


You should check out White Rose.  Support new musicals and new musical writers Off Broadway.  And say hi to Brian when you’re there (I’m sure he’ll be at most every performance) – and give him a good ol’ slap on the back. 

Also, what a lot of people don’t know about me is that, while my second love is producing new musicals (first love is the family, of course), what comes a close 2nd to that is helping other people get their musicals produced.  Brian was a member of a mastermind group I run. That group’s goal is just that . . . to get the members’ shows produced.  We just started a new one.  If you are passionate about getting your show produced and are interested in exploring the same path that Brian explored, click here to see if it’s right for you.  

And if you want to hear what Brian had to say about his experience in the group, click here.

Or just go SEE WHITE ROSE and talk to him about it. 🙂   You can get your tickets here. 

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