Another way to see Game of Thrones . . . live.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

There’s a whole lot of people who are (including me, a former D&D player who loves me some swords and dragons and Peter Dinklage).  So HBO did what all companies with a valuable asset should do . . . they found another way to monetize their product.

They launched a bus and truck.

An “immersive” touring exhibition set sail recently (no coincidence that it premiered just shortly before Season 3 appeared), and was in New York City just last week.  At the exhibit you can sit on The Iron Throne, see costumes and props used in the show, and, surprise, surprise, buy merch.

The GOT exhibit isn’t the first entertainment exhibit to weave their way around the country.  The Harry Potter exhibit comes to mind . . . and remember all those Star Trek conventions?

What’s fantastic about these “product extensions” and why you should have one when you have a similar success is that they do two things:

  • They get your most passionate customer base even more excited about your product
  • They provide additional revenue to your coffers

I know, the last one sounds like pure profiteering, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s actually not.

Look, we’re in the entertainment business.  And HBO knows what every smart Producer should know as well:  since the successes are more and more rare than the failures, it’s imperative that you make as much hay out of your hit as you can . . . so that you can pay for the projects that come up hayless.

A great businessman once said, “It’s not that I didn’t fail.  Oh, I failed.  But when I failed, I failed small.  And when I won, I won huge.”

Maximize your successes, and people won’t even remember your failures.

Remember that HBO show John from Cincinnati?

I didn’t think so.


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