At the Broadway League Conference: Day 3/Wrap it up!

The final session of this year’s successful Broadway League Spring Road Conference was an open-mic wrap up of the week, the year, and asked the question . . . what do we do now?

Some of the issues that the membership wanted to hear more about in the coming year (and at the next conference) were dynamic pricing, how to educate the road consumers about new Broadway product before the shows get to town, lobbying against increasing entertainment taxes, social media, and social media, and more social media!

The session was topped off when one of my Favorite Quoters had his usual way with words when he said he felt there was no longer a “single bullet to sell tickets.”  A discussion erupted about how in the “Cameron Mackintosh Era,” the marketing campaigns for shows were easier to design, easier to implement, and always returned.

Not so much anymore.

We’ve changed.  And we’re not the only ones.

The record industry has changed, the movie industry has changed, the advertising industry has gone upside down and back around again.  We’re not alone.

The challenge for all of us is how we move quickly in the constantly-shifting marketing and development landscape, and how we share that information with each other (The Quoter suggested conference calls between markets presenting the same show so that those presenting that show later in the tour might benefit from the trials and tribulations of those who present it early in the tour).

The game has changed.  We have to learn the rules.

Or better . . . we have to rewrite them.


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