August 20, 2021: What TheaterMakers Are Talking About This Week

Here’s what TheaterMakers were talking about this week . . .


1 – Pass Over Rush Policy

Broadway is back and so is one of its most exciting practices . . . rush tickets! Read all about Pass Over’s newly announced rush policy and, if you haven’t already, grab your tickets to this incredible production. 

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2 – Ticket Sales

If the data mentioned here is true, it isn’t surprising. In terms of uncertainty (thanks, Delta Variant), people hesitate. Don’t you? And sales trends for EVERYTHING tend to be more last minute. Think of it this way . . . if you hear there is a snowstorm for this weekend, when do you wait to decide what you are going to do? Maybe hours before. That is what is happening here. And when we get More Vaccinations, More Mandates, More People being eligible for vaccines, the velocity of ticket sales will increase. And the week these shows open? Check and see if you can get a seat.

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3 – Chicago Venues Require Proof of Vax

Another day, another step forward for live theater everywhere. Multiple theaters in Chicago, including Steppenwolf and Goodman Theatre, will require proof of vaccinations for their audiences. Continually proud of the theater industry setting the standard and doing what is right.



4 – Camille Brown

A major congratulations to Once on this Island choreographer, Camille Brown! I can’t wait to see yet another familiar face on Broadway this season. 



5 – The Show IS Going On

Honored to be quoted in this article and get a chance to applaud the courageous Producers and Artists on Broadway and all over who are pushing through this pandemic and giving the gift of their art to all of us. Because we need the theater now more than ever.

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Fun on a Friday: 

Watch some of Broadway’s favorites pay tribute to NYC’s return with one of Billy Joel’s most recognizable songs. 


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