[Case Study] How You Can Use AI To Write Marketing Copy That Sells Tickets To Your Show

A basic tenet of writing copy to sell anything is to use words that your customer uses.  Speak their language and they are more likely to understand it, believe it, and act on it.

You don’t want to describe your show how YOU see it, you want to describe it how your audience sees it.  And how they sell it.  Remember, word of mouth is the #1 ticket-mover, so when your copy echoes what people on the street are saying, your audience is more likely to internally have “heard it before,” which is half the advertising battle.

That’s why in focus groups, and in casual conversations, I listen intently to the words used by ticket buyers. If I hear the phrase “filled with energy,” over and over, I’ll add that to the copy.  If I keep hearing them call a show “powerful,” I’ll add that. (Those are two examples from shows on my resume, by the way – can you name ‘em?)  Or if they keep talking about the goat, I’ll add images of that sweet little Sparky to every ad we placed.  (Can you name that one???)

You should do the same.

But if you want to take your listening to the next level, take a look at this hack that uses AI to give you specific language that you can use today to sell more tickets . . . and a lot more.  

Here’s what to do:

  1. Collect audience reviews either on your own site, or gather all the reviews left on review aggregators like TripAdvisor, ShowScore, Google etc.
  2. Separate the reviews into two categories:  positive and negative.
  3. Feed the positive reviews into ChatGPT and ask it to tell you the most commonly used words and phrases in all of the reviews.  (NOTE: If you haven’t used ChatGPT much yet, it’s all about the “prompt” – so experiment with different ones.)
  4. Add those words or phrases into your copy and presto . . . you’re talking the same language.

Some advanced ideas:

  • Ask ChatGPT to create marketing copy based on the audience reviews.
  • Ask ChatGPT to look at the negative reviews and summarize what the most common concerns are (great for when you’re in previews!)
  • Ask ChatGPT to do . . . whatever you want . . . you can’t break it.  And experimenting with it is part of the fun, and it could lead to more ticket sales.

Important disclaimer and conclusion:  AI is a tool.  It’s not the solution.  A hammer doesn’t bang in a nail.  A person does.  The hammer just helps you do it faster and more efficiently. 

Same with AI.  It can do more than you can in a shorter amount of time.  And when it spits out all the data . . . YOU get to decide how to use it.  

– – – – –

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