Caution: This Blog could contain large amounts of cheese.

I write a lot of blogs with statistics and strategies . . . and this ain’t one of them.

See, I’m writing this blog from the lobby of Portland Center Stage (it’s an amazing lobby, by the way . . . with Wifi, a coffee shop, jazz music, and the friendliest open-air box offices around).  The opening performance of Somewhere in Time just started a few moments ago.

I know, I know . . . you’re wondering why I’m writing a blog when I should be in there watching the show, right?  Well, I have this thing . . . call it a superstition, call it nerves, or just a plain neuroses . . . but I never sit for my openings.  Besides, I had a blog to write!  One of the great things about writing a blog every day is that no matter how great a day is going, or how bad a day is going, I gotta write a blog.  Period.  It grounds me every single day.

Back to the fromage.

Before the show started, I spoke to the cast and crew . . . and as I stared at them all, and as we held hands and “circled up,” I was reminded of why I do what I do.

I was an only child (a lot of you out there are probably saying, “Ahhh, that explains a lot!”).  And I remember when I was a kid, all I wanted were brothers and sisters . . . people that were just like me . . . that liked, no, that loved, the same things I did.  People that I had a lot in common with . . . so we could “play” together.

And as I spoke to the cast and crew, I realized something . . . I got my wish.

Because as filled with cheddar as this may sound, the only thing better than an actual family is a theatrical family.

Theater people are the most passionate people in the world.  Whether that’s someone you know, like Alan Cumming on Macbeth, or someone you might not know, like Erin Burniston on Somewhere in Time.  These people join hands and “circle up” to put on a project whose sole purpose is to bring joy to other people’s lives.  

And I get to work with them every single dang day.  And that makes me, well, to paraphrase an Ephron title, one hell of a “lucky guy.”

So thank you to all of the theater people out there, including each and every one of you who read this blog . . . you make the best brothers and sisters I could have ever asked for.

Back to stats and strats tomorrow . . .


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