Closing the circle on the customer.

When a customer buys a ticket to a Broadway show for the first time we have an opportunity as an industry.  An opportunity to close the marketing circle on that customer and never, ever let them leave.

When a customer buys a product, they are much more likely to buy a second product that is similar in nature.

In other words: Sell one show, and it’s easier to sell a second, and a third, and so “fourth”.

It’s our job as producers to close that circle on the customer, directing them to other shows, even if those shows are our competition.

So how can we close it?

– Could the theater owners put videos in the lobbies of box offices (and bathrooms?) showing video loops of all the Broadway shows (maybe only in their theaters, if they wanted to keep their circle smaller).

– What about similar shows teaming up to recommend each other with a sign at the exit that says, “If you loved Rent, you’ll love Spring Awakening”.

– Or my favorite . . . the endorsement:  When political candidates bow out of a race, what do they do?  They endorse someone in their own party.  They may have lost, but the party lives on.  When shows close, couldn’t they “endorse” a show that’s still running?  (I got Brooklyn to send out an email with this message on Altar Boyz years ago – I offered them a commission on any tickets sold on the offer they sent to their subscribers).

Producing theater in NYC is competitive.  I’ve had Producers tell me
I shouldn’t be blogging on some of the subjects we’ve discussed.  They think I should save my ideas for myself, because keeping business
practices private strengthens a business.  They think I should just sell my shows.

My feeling?  Circles, when closed, are round.  If a customer isn’t going to see my show, as long as they see another one, I don’t mind.

Eventually, they’ll come a-round.

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