Everything you wanted to know about Broadway Investing

Sometimes you make something and people use it for something else.

Listerine, the mouthwash, was a surgical antiseptic, before you gargled with it.

Play-doh?  That was a wallpaper cleaner before your toddler played with it.

And, I wrote my best-seller, Broadway Investing 101, for people curious about investing in Broadway shows.  (And for those people who were doing it, but wanted to know a wee bit more about it!)

In the last month alone, I had three people tell me that the book not only told what they wanted to know about investing . . . but that it helped them raise money for their own shows!

It helped Producers, TheaterMakers and Investors!  And you don’t have to gargle with surgical antiseptic to learn something!

It taught them understand how the process works, which made them more comfortable pitching their own shows.

As you know, I listen to my audience. 

And if this was one of the benefits of the book then, I asked myself, what else can I do with this subject?

Then I remembered . . . back before the pandemic, I taught a very popular seminar called Broadway Investing 101 (NY Mag even did an article about it).  

And I haven’t done it in years.  Maybe . . . I should do it again.

So we’re doing it again.

But, yep, yep, it’s virtual this time. 

On Wednesday, February 2nd at 7 PM, I’m leading a live workshop called Broadway Investing:  Everything You Wanted To Know About Investing for Investors or Those Looking For Investors.

You’ll learn:

  • The myths of Broadway Investing
  • How to get started investing (who to talk to, how much you need, and more)
  • How to mitigate the risks of investing for you (and your investors)
  • The perks you should get for investing (and what you should offer to investors)
  • The questions you should ask (that most investors don’t)

Click here to register.  And just for showing up, all attendees will get a copy of my book, Broadway Investing 101.  (Hard copy with a personal note from me or the e-version – up to you.)

Sign up here.  And we’ll see you on the 2nd.

And here’s to making things that end up having multiple purposes!  🙂

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