Forget Mike. Be like Columbus.

Happy Columbus Day!

Today we honor a man whose Wikipedia page calls him “a navigator, colonizer, and explorer.”

Does that definition sound familiar to you?

It should.

All Producers . . . and all Entrepreneurs . . . are explorers.

They believe in the trip they are taking.  They unify a team to work towards a common goal.  And they venture into the unknown.

They often hit rocks, need additional funding, and many, many, MANY times, want to turn the ship around and head home, so they can just sit on their couch and watch TV.

But they don’t.  They keep going.

Until they get somewhere . . . even when that somewhere is a different destination than where they thought they were headed (right, Chris?  News flash: the Bahamas are not the Far East).

So today, I’d like to honor all Explorers, whether you’ve got your hands around the steering wheel of a ship, or the steering wheel of a show.

It ain’t easy to do what you do.  You’re not going to discover a new world overnight, and I’d lay 100 to 1 that you’ll have to sail through a few storms along the way.

But if you keep on going, there’s a beach on the other side with your name on it.

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