You know you’re a Broadway Producer when . . .

I stumbled across a “You know you’re a 90s kid when . . . “ list the other day and thought two things:

A)  Wow.  They’re doing lists about 90s kids already.  When does my social security kick in?

and . . .

B)  Why isn’t there one of these lists about being a Broadway Producer?

So I made one.  Enjoy my . . .



1.  The first thing you think when you meet someone new is, “I wonder if they are an accredited investor.”

2.  When you see a show, you count the number of actors on the stage (especially in the curtain call) and try to calculate the payroll.

3.  Someone says, “Hey!  I just saw this movie and it’s so great!  You should see it!”  You respond, “Would it make a good musical?”

4.  You read the Broadway Grosses every week and try to calculate how much the Producers are making on Wicked.

5.  When you watch American Idol you play a game with your friends, trying to pick who will be on Broadway first.

6.  You’ve said the words, “If I could just get Hugh Jackman to star . . . ”

7.  If you won the lottery, you’d build your own Broadway theater.

8.  You keep wondering why The Princess Bride hasn’t been produced yet, and you hold out hope that you can get the rights.

9.  Two words.  Tony speech.

And lastly . . .

10.  No matter how frustrating The Business may be, you wake up every day feeling so grateful that your favorite pastime is also your profession.


Lets keep adding to this list!  Tell me a way YOU know you’re a Broadway Producer in the comments below!


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