Have you ever been here?

Hello Blog readers!  (First, can you even say blog anymore?  Or is having a blog like having a flip phone?  If you’re a Millennial or Gen Zer reading this, I hope you didn’t strain your eyes when you rolled them at my 2008 web reference.)

This week, I’m taking a vacation from my usual article about Broadway and its current challenging state.  (I talk about the state of our state so much online AND offline these days that I needed a content palette-cleanser.)

So I thought I’d talk about where I’m taking a vacation!

In case you didn’t know . . . there is a magical place that produces more theater than anywhere else on the planet. But it only happens once a year in August.

It’s kind of a theatrical Brigadoon. (And it’s in Scotland!)

It’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Thousands of shows and performers descend on this Scottish city every year to share their art with the world. And, despite its humble beginnings, the Edinburgh Fringe has birthed some massive hits . . . like Six, The Play That Goes Wrong, and Fleabag.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been.

I know, I should have my blog license revoked. 

One of the reasons I’ve never gone is that housing used to be a hassle. But this year, my friends at Playbill are taking care of all the headaches.

They rented a cruise ship to be a hotel.  And when I heard, I was like, “That’s where I’m staying!”

You may be familiar with Playbill cruises. Well, this is just the ship part! No cruising on open seas at all (my gets-seasick-easy wife is happy about that part).   

Playbill is parking a luxury cruise ship in port to provide us with fantastic accommodations, meals and more. Oh, and get this . . . in addition to providing transport to the heart of the festival, they are inviting some of the most popular shows at the Fringe to perform ON THE SHIP for us. 

Cool, huh?

I’m going . . . and well, I thought I’d see if you wanted to join!

My staff is going with me, as are some of my Investors, Producers, Mastermind participants, etc.  So I thought . . . I should invite my blog readers too!  We’re planning on doing some fun gatherings for any of our friends and family who join. It’s going to be a blast. 

And get this . . . some of the members of The TheaterMakers Studio are already slated to perform! So, we can root on our friends and family! 

It’s a great opportunity to see emerging shows, get inspired by all those other TheaterMakers, network and more. And hey – maybe you’ll want to apply to next year’s fringe!  Or maybe you’ll find the next Six!

If you want to find out more, visit www.FringeShip.com.  

To book, you can follow the prompts on the websites . . . or you can email my contact Ed at eplog@playbilltravel.com.  

IMPORTANT: When you email, tell them you are with my group. I’m trying to arrange for some perks and trying to get us seated close by at meals and more.

And let me know if you can make it. It should be a blast. And personally, I can’t wait for those late nights, at the bar, “What did you see today” sessions!

Hope to see you there.



P.S. For more about the Fringe, click here.

P.P.S. To book, email my contact Ed at eplog@playbilltravel.com and tell ‘em Ken sent you!

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