How a show goes from an idea all the way to Broadway and Beyond

Here’s my prediction for this year’s Tony Awards.  This year, someone will accept a Tony, and in their speech, they’ll say how getting to Broadway was a dream . . . proved possible.  And that others should continue their quest as well.

The Tony Awards are always inspiring.  For me too.  But it does take more than dreams to get a show from an idea and then to a page and then to the big Broadway stage.

One of the most common questions I get from readers and followers is “How do I get a show to Broadway,” or “I have an idea . . . what do I do now.”

And see, whenever I get a lot of questions on the same subject, it tells me I haven’t done a good job explaining it.

On June 13, 2024 at 5pm ET, I’m hosting a presentation on Zoom called The Business of Broadway.  And you’re invited.

This is an online version of a talk I’ve given around the country that I realized I’ve never given to you.  So I’m gonna!

In the presentation, I’ll discuss how a Broadway show comes to be, including:

  • The Path to Production:  Broadway’s version of R&D and how long it takes.
  • Broadway Economics:  What goes into those big budgets?
  • The Role of The Producer:  What I do and other Producers like me do.
  • And more.

I’ll leave a good chunk of time for questions as well.

The presentation is totally free.  I hope it helps.

My only ask is that if it DOES help you get on the path to production, you thank me in your Tony speech someday.  😀

Register for the “Business of Broadway” presentation.

See you there.

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