How is John Grisham like Hal Prince? Winner announced!

Here’s what I was looking for:

And Hal is so unlike anybody I know from my generation. The day after he opens a show, he has a production meeting for the next one.  The day after I open a show, I’m ready for a rest home.
– James Lapine

For both Hal and John, It’s not about basking in the glory of their last success, and it’s not about wallowing in a failure (and they’ve had both).   It’s about the work.  And doing more and more of it.

Knowing human nature as they do, they both set up this simple ritual to keep them focused on the work.

What simple rituals can you establish to keep you focused on what you want to accomplish?

Congratulations to Broadway Mouth, who’ll soon find a $25 iTunes gift certificate in his inbox.

A special shout out to Gonzalo Guitart for discovering the Schumacher connection.  Deep!

While I was researching this post, I found a great interview with Hal where he discusses investor expectations. the subject of my last post.

Hal Prince did a number of incredibly daring and artistic productions in his day that all . . . well . . . flopped.

Read about how he raised money for those shows here.

(FYI, this link goes to the middle of the interview.  After you read this page, start at the beginning.  No one did it better than Hal.)

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