How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time.

You know what I’ve been doing more of during this curtain-down time?

Talking to a lot of people a heck of a lot smarter than me.

Some of those people are the enlightening Broadway Superpowers who have been shootin’ me up with good ju-ju every night at 8 on my livestream.

But I’ve also been talking to my business coach, the members of my entrepreneurial mastermind, marketing gurus, my therapist, my Dad, artists, and a whole bunch of other folks who run their own businesses and are faced with the huge challenges facing us all right now.

My question to all of them has been . . . “This is a dark time for so many reasons.  How do we take this time of personal and professional lockdown . . . and come out of it stronger than we went in?”

I’ve been overwhelmed with the answers . . . some big picture, some so practical and specific I actioned them myself already and saw immediate results.

And whenever people tell me smart stuff, I can’t help but share it.  I’m awful at keeping secrets.  Since I was a kid.

And, selfishly, I hope by telling you all this stuff it helps you make more theater, which will help me accomplish my #5000By2025 mission.

So I’ve taken all of this counsel (some of which cost me a pretty penny), added in some of my own ingredients, and turned it into a “talk” that I’m going to give for FREE (online of course), next Thursday, April 16th at 6pm EDT.

The title of the Talk?

How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Out Of Their Quaran-time.

We’ll talk about . . .

  • The 3 specific things you should focus on right now so you are more than ready for when the curtain goes back up.
  • Why you need a new routine when you’re working remotely (and what that routine should be).
  • How to market a show (or yourself – for all you actors, directors, etc. out there) when people can’t actually see shows or hire actors or directors!

And lots more.  And of course, I’ll take questions about all this . . . and anything else . . . at the end.

Join me.  Because I want more theater in the world.  And I have a feeling some of the stuff I’ve learned that I’m going to pass on to you, can help you accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish . . . and fast.

Sign up for the free webinar here.

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