How To Find a Producer And Get Produced.

Since the day my blog went live almost 15 years (!!!) ago, the absolute most asked question I get is, “How do I find a Producer for my show?”

It took a pandemic to realize that although I have been blogging for those 15 years, podcasting for 5+, and have done umpteen webinars as part of TheTheaterMakersStudio, I have never answered this question directly.

So, I thought it was about time I did.

On Wednesday, June 15th, I’m going to teach you THE strategy on how to find a Producer for your play or musical.

It’s the same plan I used when I was just starting out.  And, well, it worked!  🙂  Over the years, I’ve shaped it to fit the times (and the technology) by observing and talking to the most successful TheaterMakers in our biz.

I also learned by a whole lot of practice in producing my own shows and looking for people to produce them with me.  Over the last 15 years and 30 or so shows, I have seen what worked and what didn’t (and I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes I made to save yourself a lot of time and money.)

At the end of the webinar, you’ll end up with a blueprint that you can apply to your search for a Producer . . . even in a pandemic.  No BS.  A simple action plan that if you follow, will work.  Because it has worked for me and a whole lot of people just like you.

The webinar is free.  And it’s Wednesday, June 15th at 7 PM ET.  You can register here.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • What your high school English teacher knew about getting produced.
  • How to get Producers to chase YOU instead of you chasing Producers.
  • How to green light your show whenever YOU want it to be produced instead of waiting for someone else.

And whatever I don’t cover about how to find a Producer for your show, I’ll answer in a Q&A at the end.

So if you’ve been looking for a Producer, or want to get your show or musical up on a stage, whether you’re at the beginning of your career, or whether you’ve been working on a show for 7 or more years, this is the webinar for you.

It’ll help.  No question.  And it costs nothing, so if getting produced is what you want, then don’t be a dabbler, be a doer, and sign up.

And after, you never have to hear from me or talk to me ever again.  Just give me a thank you in your Tony speech.  That’s all I ask.

Because if it gets you produced, that’s all I care about.  You’ll help me with my 5000×2025 mission, AND you’ll get some more theater out in the world, which will help make the world a better place.

See you LIVE this next Wednesday 6/15 at 7 PM ET!  Sign up here!

P.S. If you’re ready to speed things up but know you need some help, get on a call with my team. They’ll give you an honest assessment of where you are and if you’re ready to go to the next stage. Click here.

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