How to market your show by marketing who is in it.

People love people.

You might think you “love” a certain musical, or play, or even a specific brand of coffee.

But if you had to choose between a brand and a living, breathing, human being, you’d choose the person over the thing every single time.

That’s why one of the simplest and most effective ways to market your show is to market the people in it or the people behind it.

Because when people love other people, they want to support that person, and whatever it is they are doing . . . including, yes, by buying tickets to their show.

Big Studio Hollywood is built off this entire principle.  They often don’t give a two-shingles about the quality of a script . . . just about who is in it.

We obviously care about both.

And since we don’t have Ben Affleck style stars in our shows, we need to do everything within our marketing powers to help turn our actors into stars.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to promote all of your actors’, writers’, etc. Twitter/Instagram handles everywhere you can (website, Front of House, etc) . . . with their permission, of course.

Or have them write a blog about their experience in the show . . . or have them write a blog about ANYTHING.

Or just get them as much press as you can in whatever publications you can.

By helping build a following for them, you’re helping to build a following for your show.

Because people are what put other people on the path to purchase.

(Have you meet these wonderful people, by the by?)

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