How to market your show with no money.

Pretty-in.jpgnkOne of the top three questions I get in my inbox (along with “How do I raise money for my show?” and “Do you know a good shrink because if I’m producing a show I must be crazy?”) is . . .

“How can I market my show with no money?”

I began my career working on the management staffs of big Broadway musicals that had big Broadway ad budgets . . . so imagine my shock and awe when I started producing Off Broadway shows on my own, and had little or no ad budget to speak of.

Well, I tell you what, never did I learn more about marketing and advertising than when I had no money to spend.  This is true about anything, of course . . . limit your resources, and put your keister on the line, and your survival instincts will take over.  You’ll get very, very creative . . . or die (aka your show will close).  (Need an example – think about Molly Ringwald’s dress in Pretty in Pink.)

I’m proud to say that the first show I learned a lot of my tactics on (which I now apply to Broadway shows) is still running today, over 7.5 years later.

Since so many of you ask this question, I thought it was time I shared these tactics with you, along with all the new ones we’ve picked up along with the way with my other shows, including Altar Boyz, 13, and Godspell . . . in the hopes that you can get your show off the ground and break that 7.5 year record.

We’ve designed a seminar to take you through all of our secret tips and tricks on how to market your show with no money (or for very little).  If you’ve got a show coming up, whether it’s a showcase, a festival production, or even a big Broadway show and you just wanna shake it up, or even if you are just looking for a way to understand how to get the word out, this is the seminar for you.  In fact, take it and we guarantee we’ll either save you the cost of your seminar on your next show, or we’ll make that money for you in sales with one of our tips or tricks.

Some topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Free online opportunities that you may not know exist.
  • How to find no risk, commission only opportunities
  • Where to find the best bargains on promotional materials
  • If you want to spend money, where do you spend it?
  • Empowering your audience to be your sales team
  • And more

The seminar will take place on:

Tuesday, March 20th
6:30 – 8:30 PM
My office
250 West 49th St.  #301

Because this is the first time we’re presenting this requested seminar, we’re offering it for a special price, that, once again, is guaranteed.  Save it or earn it, or you get your money back.

There are a very limited number of seats available, so click here for more info and to get your seat today.


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