I want an official Broadway hat.

If you’re producing a show, then you should have merch.  I don’t care how small of a show it is, or where it is, or even what it is.  With the cost of production so cheap these days, everyone should at the very least slap their logo on a t-shirt and sell it.

Every single up-and-coming rock band does it . . . why shouldn’t your show?

You’ll sell some.  Guaranteed.  More often than not, a show’s merchandising arm is a lot more profitable than the show itself!

But that’s not what this blog is about.  Let me try and get back on point.

We all know that “Broadway” is its own brand.  It’s a magical special place that so many people aspire to be a part of . . . whether in the audience or on the stage.

And it should have its own “official” MBL, NBA or NFL-like merch line. But not just for the individual shows (that’s taken care of by those individual shows).  I’m talking about a merch line for Broadway in general.

Think Broadway t-shirts, mugs, snuggies and so on . . . that are set and regulated by our industry and sold on an official site like this.  Maybe some items would just feature our logo . . . and maybe others would feature trademarked Broadway slogans and sayings.

But whatever was on the stuff, it would be part of a marketing message that we would want to get out.  And we’d also make a few bucks in the process!

Merchandising is magical.  Because it’s almost always profitable (when managed correctly), and it markets whatever you’re selling at the same time.

Broadway is in the unique position over other industries, because the industry itself has a brand.

Now we just have to take advantage of it.


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