I won’t gatekeep this from you.

I stay on top of trends and test them out in my own shows. Then I come back and share my findings with you. 

Knowledge is power. And sharing what I know is how we can move this industry forward. 

And lately the hottest thing is video content. 

Video is everywhere right now. . . TikTok, Instagram, Youtube . . . even Facebook is starting to prioritize video on their platform!

So when you’re promoting your show, what’s one thing you should have?

You guessed it – VIDEO!

Video is a great marketing tool because it hits two of our senses: visual and auditory. 

Let your audience SEE the lights, the costumes, the set, the choreography, the actors. Let them HEAR the music, and maybe some of the dialogue. 

It’s a way to pull them in.

So you may be asking yourself: “Ken, how exactly did you test this theory out?”

Check out the video we just released today for A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical.

And then I want you to think: how can you start sharing more video content for your musicals and plays?

Click here to watch that video.

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