In case you haven’t noticed…

…I’m baaaaaack!

Almost a year ago, I dropped my blogs to just one (or so) a week, and then a few months later, the podcast went to once a month.

Well, I couldn’t stay away.  I missed it. And frankly, your emails asking for more content got to me.  So, I rejiggered some of my schedule (and also just finished a very cool time management book to help me figure out how to find time for everything I want to do and more) and I’m back!

Blogs will appear every single weekday, Monday through Friday.

And there will be a method to the blogness.  Here’s what the content schedule is going to look like:

  • Mondays will always be a podcast.
  • Tuesdays will always be a commentary on the previous week’s Broadway grosses (unless there’s a holiday delay).
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays will be general content about producing, marketing and the sort.
  • Fridays will always be focused on the art of writing/developing/creating stuff for the theater.

And FYI, we’ve also got some new and very exciting plans in store for TheProducersPerspective (and our sister site, including a whole new look, so stick around.  Or better yet, subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

And now, there are TWO different ways to subscribe:

  1. Click here to subscribe and get all the blogs emailed to you the day they come out (at 8 PM – curtain time!).
  2. Click here to subscribe to get one email per week that recaps the entire week of content, so you can pick and choose what you want to read.

Just like at Burger King, you can have my blog your way . . . so pick one of those ways to subscribe, and saddle up.  Because as you know, I’m predicting that the coming year is going to be the best that Broadway has ever seen . . . which means I’m going to have a lot to talk about.  Not to mention that I’ve got Once On This Island and maybe even another show (!) coming to Broadway in the next 12 months.

Oh, and thanks for the encouragement to generate more content, guys.  I believe that writers shouldn’t write for themselves.  Writers should write for their audiences.  So you asked for it . . . here comes more blogs!

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