Introducing . . . Your Saturday Rant.

I don’t usually write blogs on Saturdays.

And I’m not going to write one today.

You’re going to . . .

Here’s the idea.  I like to tell people that I have the smartest and most passionate readers on the planet.  Since I spend so much time telling you what’s bugging me, I thought I’d open up the floor to hear what’s bugging you.

So here’s the idea.

Comment below . . . any freekin’ thing you want.  Rant away.  Talk about a bad experience you had at the theater.  Talk about a great experience you had at the theater.  Talk about how hard it is to market an off-off Broadway show.  Talk about how hard it is to market a Broadway show.  Talk about how people who sneak food into the theater annoy you.  Talk about how I annoy you.  But talk.

Just write a short little blurb about anything you’d like in the comment section of the blog and we’ll see what is on your minds.

We’ll see if people are ranting about similar things (and when several people are talking about the same things, you know we have to do something about it).  We’ll see if there are topics for future blogs, or future panels, etc.

But most importantly, we’ll see what is on the mind of what I think are some of the most passionate people in the theater today.

And if this works, and I get more than 10 rants . . . we’ll do it once a month.

Rant away.

To Rant:

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