Is the grass always greener?

I was jealous.

When the revival of American Buffalo announced that Haley Joel Osment was joining Leguizamo AND Cedric The Entertainer, for a moment I thought I was involved with the wrong Mamet.  Many people think it’s a better play than Speed, it had three Hollywood names appealing to three different demographics, etc.

I took a second, reminded myself of why I got involved with Speed and the moment eventually passed.  But I do admit, I had some John Patrick Shanley-sized doubt for a half-a-day.

Flash forward to today.  After a set of disappointing reviews and in the midst of a climate where Harry Potter only pulled in $495k last week, Buffalo just announced that their closing date will be Sunday!  If only Haley saw notices being posted instead of dead people.

The lesson?  Stick to your guts and your initial instincts, because while the grass is always greener, sometimes it’s artificial turf:  attractive to the eye, but nothing real underneath.

Before anyone accuses me of celebrating this premature closing, let me correct you – this ain’t good news.  First, it’s another Show Spot.  I don’t remember the last star driven, high profile, limited-run revival of a tested play that closed this fast, do you?

Second, anytime Broadway boots out three Hollywood actors after only a week makes those Hollywooders think twice about doing it again. And they don’t need us like we need them.

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