It only takes one.

I was doing fine.  Had a good job.  Health insurance.  I was comfortable.

But I had big dreams.  And I was not getting far in my pursuit of those goals.  At all.  AT ALL.

So I went on a listening tour, and met with people who achieved the type of success that I dreamed about.

And one day, when one of those mentors said ONE THING.  One.  It clicked.

And my life changed.   Bam.  Just like that.

And I started achieving my goals. In fact, since then, I’ve had to set NEW goals for myself, because I’ve crossed off so many of the old ones.  (Yes, winning a Tony Award was one of them!)

All thanks to the ONE THING I heard that day.

What was that one thing?

It doesn’t matter.  Because what works for me might not work for you.

But what I guarantee WILL work?  Seeking out the wisdom of those who have been where you want to go, or those who are on their way.  Listening to experts.  Listening to authorities in our space.

That’s why I have throw the TheaterMakers Summit every year.  Because I know it only takes ONE comment from ONE speaker to change your life.

And this year, I gathered 100 panelists. 100 of Broadway’s best. Because, well, this is a tough time for theater, and we need as many smart successful people talking about this as possible!
Second, with 100 speakers, the odds of you hearing that ONE THING goes way up!  (You know I love playing the numbers!)
And boy do we have incredible speakers for this year’s conference . . . from Tony Award winners to Pulitzer Prize winners to Academy Award winners to the head of Disney Theatrical to the head of the Educational Theatre Association to Producers from the US, Korea, Mexico and everywhere in between.
And they are all set to discuss “Making Theater In Our New World” on 11/14 – 11/15.  (With a bonus day on 11/16 for those who want an extra dose of workshops.)

We’ve done these conferences for the past three years, and let me just say this about THIS YEAR’S conference.  There has never been a better opportunity for you to hear the ONE THING that could change your life and your career.  We have more speakers.  More panels.  More networking opps.  And more attendees!  (And yes – virtual networking is very possible and quite successful.)

And I know, I know.  We do a lot of stuff throughout the year for TheaterMakers like you.  But the conference?  This is the ONE THING we do that gets more people produced.  Period.

That’s why I’m so passionate that people come to this thing.  As you may know, I have a mission.  To help get 5000 shows produced by 2025.  And I know, for a fact, that if you come to the conference, you have a better shot at getting produced.  How do I know this?  Because we’ve looked at the results from the people who have come to the conference in the past!

Just look at what others have said about previous years:

“The quality of professionals who spoke at the conference was EPIC.”  – Kathleen Boluch

“LIFE AFFIRMING.” – Dennis Blackmon


“After attending the  Conference last year I WALKED AWAY INSPIRED!” – Julian Betchelor

And if you are worried that you won’t be able to attend enough sessions that weekend to get your ticket now,  I get it.  It’s a lot of time.  But try. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot and make the time.  You don’t have to attend all the sessions.  We packed it full of content to make sure there was something for TheaterMakers all over the world.

I just don’t want you to miss your opp to hear that one thing.  Especially when we all need the education and motivation that the conference provides now more than ever.
Because, well, if you DID HEAR THAT ONE THING, and it helped get you to where you want to be . . . wouldn’t that be worth it?
But if you get your ticket and you can’t make enough sessions  Or you don’t hear the ONE THING?   Email me Monday morning and we’ll refund your ticket.  No worries.  No harm.  Just an opportunity.

And I hope you’ll take me up on it.  But do it quickly because ticket prices go up on Sunday.So come.  Join the hundreds of other passionate TheaterMakers who have already signed up and get your ticket here (and check out the list of sessions on everything from streaming to safety to equality and inclusion and more.)

I’ll see you there. I’ll be the guy listening for my next ONE THING.

And I know I’ll hear it.

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