It took me getting Covid to realize this.

I got Covid on April 11th.  

I’m fully recovered.  Now.

But it took awhile.  Sure, I was back at work right after my quarantine was over.  But the fatigue stuck with me for another week.  And the cough . . . well, that one crept up on me for the next couple.

It was like Covid crawled into my throat and scratched out “I was here” on my larynx, before my vax-boosted immune system kicked it to the curb.

It sucked.

And when I was hacking up a lung one day at a meeting, I joked, “Good thing I’m a Producer and I don’t have to sing eight shows a week!”

It was an off-the-cough remark.  But then I realized . . .

My gosh . . . what must it be like to have been a performer for the past few years.  To have this virus thing out there that affects your body like this thing does, when your body is what you rely on for your entire career.  Your vocal cords, your legs, your energy . . . they are what you need to do your job, and Covid comes after ‘em.  

I can’t imagine what this past couple of years has been like for all the performers out there.  I know I’ve been anxious about getting this thing.  And I’m just a Producer.

So to those performers out there, thank you for your passion for entertaining others that has kept you doing what you do for the past couple of years.  And keeps you doing it.  I appreciate you.  The audience appreciates you.  We can’t do this thing without you.  

And if it’s been hard at times getting back out there, well, that’s ok.  I can’t ever understand what it’s like to go through what you’re going through.  But I get it a little more.  And sorry if it took me a while to realize it.

And if there’s anything I can do, let me know.

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