It’s my last livestream, so this is what we’re doing.

“4 weeks.  6 weeks TOPS.”

That’s what I said to someone when they asked how long I thought I’d be livestreaming during the Broadway shutdown.

The only prediction worse than that was someone who didn’t pick Hamilton to win the Tony in our Tony pool that year.

As of tomorrow, it will be 7 months and a whopping 79 episodes of streaming fun!  It has been quite an experience . . . and such a different feel than my podcast!  Going back and watching them now is like seeing ten years pass.  My hair turned white in the process, for goodness sake!

And tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 10th, will be our last.

For now, anyway.  (I’ve got a fun spin on it that if all goes the way I want, I’ll debut in early 2021.  Click here to make sure you get the news when it’s announced.)

So what am I going to do for my last livestream tomorrow night at 8 PM EST?  Well, I have been SO bad at remembering to let you ask questions during those 79 interviews, that I’ve decided our last livestreamn is going to be all Q&A.

No guest.  Just me and any and all of your questions . . .

Ask me . . .

  • Why I started livestreaming in the first place
  • When I think Broadway will be back
  • How best to find a Director for your show
  • What my pet peeves are when auditioning actors
  • And more.

I’ve done “town halls” like this before, and they are always a bunch of fun, so you won’t want to miss it.

So if you’ve ever had a burning question about how the Broadway sausage is made, tune in tomorrow night at 7 PM.  I may even spill some stuff I’m not supposed to.

Click here to get a reminder.

And I’ll see you there.

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