It’s never too early to find your audience.

Super props to the Producers of the upcoming musical, First Wives Club, for not even waiting for their musical to be finished before they started looking for their audience.

As discussed in this article, after a series of focus groups (Kudos Point #1), the Producers launched a social networking site (KP #2) called where divorced women could meet, interact and share their stories.  With several thousand members and a bunch of bloggers, they’ve created a world for their prime demographic that actually serves a purpose on its own (knowing our industry success rate, I’d bet that this site has a better chance of being profitable than the musical itself!).  If you look closely, you’ll notice that there isn’t even any branding for the musical at this stage.  They are taking the slow, safe, and smart approach (KP Hat Trick).

Musicals take a long time to be developed.  Smart producers use that time to do more than work on the 2nd scene in Act II.

Use that time.  It’s never too early to identify your target.  That doesn’t mean you have to attack them right away.  Just sit back, watch their moves, learn their habits, and when the time is right . . . bada-bing!  You’ll have a marriage made in marketing heaven with no possibility of divorce.

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