It’s Tony Friday!

Happy Friday, Writers!


This is a very special Friday.


It’s Tony Friday.


There are just a few hours left for all us voters to rush over our ballots to the accountant’s office.  I’m kind of an over achiever so I got mine in last week. 😉


I assume you are all going to watch on Sunday, right?  Some of you PRO members are even coming to my Tony party, right?  (If you want to come, it’s not too late.  If you’re a PRO member just shoot me an email and I’ll squeeze you in.  If you’re not a PRO yet, click here and pop me an email once you’re in and I’ll make sure you get an invite.  Gonna be fun and over 100 people just like you are showing up!)


Before you watch all those writers take the stage on Sunday and realize their dreams, and literally hold those dreams in their hands, I want you to do something for me.


Let me be more specific.


I want you to write something for me.


I want you to write . . . your Tony Award acceptance speech.


I’m serious.


Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought of this before.  Maybe you’ve done it in a mirror or just thought of what you’d say when you watched someone else give an inspiring speech (or a bad one).


So take 15 minutes before Sunday . . . just 15 minutes . . . and write your speech.


Maybe yours will be funny.  Maybe it’ll be serious.  Maybe you’ll make it political.  Maybe you’ll do a dance step.


Just write it.  And make it uniquely you.


And yes, this is an inspirational exercise.  By writing it, you’ll be putting yourself in that moment, and by making it feel a little more real, you’ll be that much closer to making that @#$% happen.


But, it’s also practical.  You’ve got 15 minutes to write a unique speech that’ll stand out from the crowd.  When you’re done, you’ll be a little bit better of a writer.


And a little bit closer to your dream.


Have a great writing weekend!




P.S.  I was serious about that Tony invite.  Just a couple spots left if you want to come.  I couldn’t invite everyone because Radio City was booked already. 🙂  So it’s only reserved for my friends, family and Pros! Click here to join now and you’re in!

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