Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

I love the theater.

So you don’t have to apologize for it, even when it’s in its rawest forms.

You know how you can love your significant other more when they’ve just woken up and have bed head?  Or your baby when they’ve just used the potty for the first time?

Well, that’s how people that love the theater feel when they see theater, even when it’s a “baby” (reading, showcase, workshop, etc.)

What the #$*& am I talking about?

When your baby is getting out there for the first time, your audience knows what they are in for.  We know what to expect.

If we’re going to see a reading, we know you’re not going to have full costumes, and that the actors only had a few hours of rehearsal . . . just like if we are going to a one-year old’s birthday party, we know that the kid is going to be in diapers, that the parents really planned the party and that there are going to be a bunch of other one-year olds at the party screaming and poopin’ their brains out.

The parents don’t have to stand up and give a speech before the party begins explaining that the cake will be bigger when the kid turns 18.

And you don’t have to give a pre-show speech explaining why the music stand represents a desk and what the show would have been like if you had more rehearsals and more money.

Don’t apologize for it.  Don’t make excuses.

Let the show do the talking and save what you’ve got to say for after the show in the lobby.

– – – – –

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