My reaction to today’s Tony Award nominations.

Well I got a Satisfactory “C” or 75% on my Tony Award nomination predictions.  How did you do?

I missed one in the Best Play nomination category and one in the Best Musical category.

In Best Play, I went with the almost-Pulitzer Bengal Tiger, which was pushed out by The “Mother” With The Hat (as Matthew Broderick called it on the Tony Awards live stream).  MF with the Hat has had quite a ride, with a first weekly gross of only $217k, a Michael Riedel article saying it was going to close in a week, and now . . . grosses of $600k-plus and a chance at Tony Gold!

In Best Musical, I tried to outsmart the Tony Award nominators, and got outsmarted in return.  Rather than go for two artistic choices, they stuck with just one, Scottsboro Boys, and gave the fourth and final spot to the original Sister Act. (I assume Sister’s original score is what gave it the advantage over Priscilla and its jukebox score.)

What else surprised me?

– My jaw is still on the floor that Daniel Radcliffe was snubbed for his superstar turn in How To Succeed.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed that someone’s hard work and all around awesomeness wasn’t rewarded.  Was this a response to last year’s backlash that too many Hollywood stars were given award attention over Broadway stars?  That would explain the lack of noms for the star-driven, Oceans 11-like cast of That Chamionship Season.  (Now, will Radcliffe prove the better man and host/present anyway?  I’d bet yes.  But nominators?  Be on the look out, he just might throw a Furunculus Curse spell on you)

– Many a show and a performer were affected by something I’m now calling “The Scottsboro Syndrome.”  It’s when a closed but critically acclaimed show sneaks back in and gets a lot more nominations that anyone ever expected.  Catch Me’s score and choreography were just a few that were felled by “The Syndrome.”

– In this incredibly crowded season, a lot of shows were left without even a single nomination including Wonderland, Pee Wee, Elf, Ghetto Klown, Rain, A Free Man of Color, and a bunch more . . . most of which would have been included if we still had a Special Theatrical Event category (hint, hint).

What surprised you?

Now that the nominations are out, it’s time to start handicapping the actual awards!  I mean, come on, is there anything more exciting for a theater fan than the 6 weeks between nominations and the big day?

And it’s also time to try and win stuff!  Look for the announcement of our Tony Award Pool later this week!  Big prizes!  Big fun!

Click here for a complete list of The 2011 Tony Award Nominations.


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