My Top 6 Favorite Things about the 2013 Tony Awards.

And just like that, the night that so many of us look forward to more than Christmas and our birthdays,  is over.

Another Tony Awards is in the books.  The speeches are done.  The parties are over.  And the tears of joy and sorrow are drying up.  And, it’s back to work we all go, because we’ve got shows to do!

But before we do just that, let me tell you “a few of my favorite things” about this year’s Tonys, as I do every year.

Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Not Just Another Openin’, Another Show.

This year’s musical opener was hands down the best opening number for a Tony Awards telecast I’ve seen in a decade, if not two.  Or three.  You get my point.  It was the perfect mix of funny but not too polarizing (our Idaho audiences didn’t change the channel).  It represented lots of shows, but didn’t feel like it was spreading itself too thin.  And it was, well, just really . . . Broadway.

2.  The Best Lobby for a New Award Goes To . . .

. . . Jane Lynch.  Boy did she crush her version of “Little Girls.”  It made me wish there was a Tony Award for Best Replacement.  And why shouldn’t there be?  It would bring attention to the shows that run longer than a year (and could use the attention).  It would give actors another reason to agree to replace.  Bring it back.  And retro one to Jane for her perf last night alone.

3.  Old Boys Club?  How About New Girls Club!

In 2005, this article appeared in the NY Times which discussed the dearth of female directors on Broadway.  While the actual numbers haven’t improved all that much since those days, it was freakin’ awesome to see the Awards for Best Director of a Musical and Best Director of a Play go to two women.

4.  Did I Just See a Heavyweight Champion doing a Kick-Ball-Change?

In what could have been the most random appearance ever (and the most awkward dance moves), the appearance of Mike Tyson in the opening number had me doubled over.  And then, in true call-back style, Neil just kept mining that comic gold all night long.  If ever there was a moment that denied how our community is made up of the most diverse group of people on the planet, that was it.  And I loved it.

5.  They came, they saw, they presented.

Everyone who has seen Macbeth is still talking about how Alan Cumming was passed over for a nomination.  So when the Tony Awards came a-callin’ for him to give an award away, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone if he passed.  But he didn’t.  Because he’s just that kind of gracious guy who loves and supports our biz.  And the same goes for his presenting partner, Scarlett as well.  I’m sure they both had other places they could have been.  But they chose to be with us, and that is the def. of a classy actor . . . and just a class act.

6.  3 Letters.


I don’t know what we did to get such a passionate, charismatic and funny host year after year, but thank God for him.  He throws everything he has behind the show, and behind Broadway.  I mean, he made out with a freakin’ dog for Sandy’s-sake.

My only critique of his performance was that we missed him in that last hour.  I wanted more NPH.

But it sounds like we’re going to get him.  He’s moving back to the city.  Maybe an actual show is in his future soon?
So those are my Top 6 . . . now, what did you think about last night’s Telecast?  Better than last year?  The best ever? Or not so much!  Favorite performances?

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Oh, wait . . . I did have one more Favorite Thing about last night’s telecast that I kind of forgot to mention.  So here’s a bonus.

7.  That time I won one.

In all seriousness, thanks to all of my investors for believing in me and in Kinky Boots, even when facing what seemed like an unbeatable foe/show in Matilda.  We took a longer shot.  And our number came up.  And I couldn’t have done it without all of you.
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To see a list of the complete 2013 Tony Award Winners, click here.


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