My Top 5 Tony Moments from Last Night’s Telecast

In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite nuggets from last night’s Tony Awards Ceremony:

1.  The “Is He Ok” Moment

Not sure what the cameras caught, but Bret Michaels of Poison took a little too much time on his exit after his rockin’ opening number . . . and caught an incoming drop in the head.  It knocked his cowboy hat right off his head, and the hat stayed on stage for several minutes as a reminder of the carnage we had all witnessed.

2.  The “Did You Forget Something” Moment

Did anyone else notice that Liza didn’t have an envelope when she went out to announce the winner of Best Musical?  Why do I get nervous every time I see her do anything?

3.  The “When Did They Write That” Moment

Kudos to the writers for drafting that clever closing number while the show was going on.  Ok, I’m sure they wrote some stuff in advance, but, nevertheless, it’s always great to go out with a few laughs.  And there were some doozies in there.

4.  The “You talk.  No, you talk.  No, you talk” Moment

Watching and waiting for one of the Billys to speak after they won their historic award was some of the finest silence on television.  Those kids are a living example of, “They don’t even have to do anything.  They just have to stand there.”

5.  The “I Made A Big Star Blush” Moment

Hugh Jackman made Sarah Jessica Parker blush years ago when he got her involved with a Boy From Oz number.  This year, it was Gavin Creel all up in Anne Hathaway’s bizness during the Hair number, and when he crawled off her, she buckled over with laughter and let out a big smile like she was a 12 year old girl at a combination Miley Cyrus/Justin Timberlake concert . . . with backstage passes.  And guess who showed up at the Hair party later on . . .

I had a lot of favorite moments from last night’s ceremony.  Overall, I thought it was a terrific show (although from what I “hear”, there were a ton of sound problems that we didn’t experience at the show itself).  How do I judge it?  Well, I think back to when I was a teenager and used to watch (and tape) the Tonys from my small hometown in Massachusetts, which seemed thousands of miles away from Broadway.  If I think “the kid inside” would have liked the show, then I give it a thumbs up.

And this year, the 16 year old had a blast and would have played it over and over again on his VCR.

I’ll have the results of the Tony pool soon. Stay tuned.

And tomorrow I’ll tell you how I did in my predictions, and where and why I went wrong.

What did you think of last night’s Tony Awards?  Comment below.

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